Tomasz Kulpiński, a 24-year-old artist from Warsaw, recently graduated from Audiovisual Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In his work, he delves into the complex intertwining of nature and culture, constructing immersive, emotionally resonant experiences that linger with viewers. 

     His commitment to research-driven projects sets him apart as a young filmmaker willing to explore new perspectives to provoke thought on important issues.

    His latest work, "Beyond the City Park," delves into the world of transhumance, capturing the essence of a flock of 500 sheep as they migrate from urban to mountainous landscapes. This film marks his foray into non-human driven narratives, a challenging endeavor given the human-centric nature of the medium.

    Tomasz takes on multiple roles in his projects, including director, producer, sound design, and editing, showcasing his versatility and commitment to his craft and has experience in a variety of projects, from brand awareness videos  to VR experiences.