EUROBROUWERS - From Europe, with Love!

instagram branded video 2024


A man walks into a brewery and is faced with a difficult choice.


There are two strengths of Eurobrouwers that we
want to portray in this commercial. The first one is
the variety of beer, which allows for the experience
of drinking beer to become a real tasting, on top of the usual social purpose.

The second strength is the pan-european
character of the menu, as well as, of the visitors.
We amplify the image of Eurobrouwers as a
melting pot where cultures meet and cross. 


Tomasz Kulpiński


Antoni Czarczyński

gaffer / ac

Wiktor Bukowski


Nick Nuchelmans


Daniel Houwing


Dovydas Raudonis



music video 2021


I used footage from an old  DVD-R Handycam in combination with 3D scans of my neighbourhood in Warsaw.
I used dtamoshing for smoother transitions between the 3D scenes.

director, edit, vfx, 

Tomasz Kulpiński


Connection Check

iffr shorts teaser - wdka assignment 2020


Connection Check highlights that the cinema only comes to life with an audience. It explores the path of audiovisual information: from the qualities of the moving image, to the proceses occuring in the vievers mind.

In order to highlight that the IFFR shorts programme is a celebration of film in all it’s forms, each of the five segments is shot in a different technique.

1. Animation exposed, then painted on 35mm film

2. Stopmotion paper “collage” animation

3. Stop motion animation shot with a flatbed scanner

4. Digital video footage with practical effects

5. 3D rendered animation

director, edit, animation, vfx, sound design

Tomasz Kulpiński